Best Recliners for Sleeping

Best Recliners for Sleeping: 10 Reviews & Guide

Who doesn’t love sleeping or taking a nap on a lazy weekend in a cozy, comfy recliner! We’re here to help you with some reviews of the best recliners for sleeping and how to buy it with tips and tricks.
Of late, comfort in sleeping is a far-reaching cry for many of us. Do you think only choosing a comfortable bed resolves all problems with your struggling sleep? It won’t even give you to dream your cozy life with no body relaxation devoid of posture support. Or what you choose if you undergo with bad back pain or pregnancy, or having an injury. To overcome these issues, you eventually end up having a body massage, getting extra support pillows, or changing mattresses. But what if we find you the narrowing option of choosing the best features as per your need?
Yes, you’re absolutely to the point! It’s a recliner for sure!
Moreover, if it’s a matter of a small living room or any seating space, the recliner is a true blessing.
Okay, let’s come to the point. If you plan to buy a recliner, it is very common that you are confused of the options to go with, brands to choose, features that apply to your decision. Moreover, you might be stuck within a limited budget. Last but not the least, you might love to buy stuff online, which is pretty convenient, yet tricky; especially when you go for shopping online for a recliner of your own choice.
Read the full article to know what type of recliners you want and how to buy it!

10 Best Recliners for Sleeping

Esright Massagr recliner

Rocker & Swiveling Recliner
Massaging & Heating
Durable Water-resistant Leather

Esright Power Lift Recliner

Power Lift Mechanism
Massaging & Heating
Electric Recliner

CANMOV Leather Recliner

Manual Recliner
Noise-Free Recliner
Offers 1-year Guarantee

Signature Design by Ashley power lift Recliner

Electric Recliner
Oversized & Durable
Elegant Faux Leather Surface

Lane Home Furnishing Wallsaver

Perfect for a very tall person
         High weight capacity         
Manual recliner

ComHoma leather Recliner

Rocking & Swiveling Recliner
Massaging & Heating 
Push Back Recliner

Homall Recliner Chair

Perfect for a Compact Space
Best Value for the Price
Manual Recliner

ANJ Electric Recliner

Heavy and Oversized
 Easy to Clean Breathable Leather
Offers 1-year Warrantee

Morgan Stucco Swiveling Recliner

Durable & High-Weight Capacity
Separate Ottoman
Manual Swivel Recliner

Domesis Cortez Push back Recliner

Manual Accent Recliner
Hidden Extended Footrest

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Esright Massage Recliner: Best Heated Recliner for Sleeping

This recliner is our first pick because of the variety of features and functionalities. You may assume that getting all the features together in one is quite impossible, but this one truly has everything you need! Yes, we are talking about Esright Massage Recliner which comes with vibrating massage, 360° swivel, heating, and rocking features. What else you need to relax your body and relieve your stiff muscles after a long hectic tiresome day?

You can turn on its lumber heating and massage function of 4 body zone for good blood circulation. By a remote controller, you can adjust the intensity in 2 levels and 5 different modes.
Furthermore, padded with the extra thick sponge, the neck rest, back cushion, and comfortable armrests take the chair to the next level of comfort. By pulling the handle under the armrest, you can manually recline in three positions from upright to 140 degrees level according to your best sitting position. Its elegant and friendly design also includes 2 cup holders and magazine storage. This makes the recliner handier while taking rest or watching your favorite television show. What’s more, you need for a relaxing evening time!
More to say, the soft breathable faux leather surface will include a luxurious look to your favorite living area. You can clean this water-resistant leather simply by wiping that will save your time for sure! Do you agree this massage chair is one of the best recliners for sleeping?
Finally, if you choose from its undeniable features, don’t worry about assembly. It comes with a well-instructed user manual.


  1.  Comes with a vibrating massage in 4 body zone
  2.  2 intensity level of heating
  3. 360-degrees swivel
  4.  Rocker recliner
  5.  Durable Water-resistant leather


1. Assembly is a bit sturdy
2. The recline function is manual

Esright electric recliner: Best Power Lift Recliner for Sleeping

The appeal of a functional and comfortable recliner is never-ending, featured with power lift, heating massage, and adjustable back and footrest ensure the optimal comfort for sleeping, reading, or watching television.

Let’s dig insight…
Complying with ergonomic principles, Esright Electric recliner is designed to support your neck, back, arm, and foot from right angles for utmost comfort. There are four areas of massage point (shin, thigh, lumber & head) with heating that will ease your muscle stiffness. The vibrating massage with five different modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, normal) helps to relieve anxiety and provides ultimate relaxation after a long tiresome working day. So what are thinking now!
There is a pleasant feature for senior and sick people who cannot stand up without assistance. This power lift chair could lift and recline with an ease that is truly helpful for the elderly persons, so they need not give pressure on their back and knees. The motor of the recliner also operates silently. That is very important. There is a control button under the right armrest, which is very convenient. With the button control, the chair reclines up to 150 degrees. Extended footrest and backrest retract very smoothly. For the best position, you can adjust the backrest to any customized position.
Besides, the soft fabric surface of the upholstery built with an overstuffed backrest. The super-soft cushion will wrap up your complete body into the chair that makes you sleep in a minute. With a warm tactile impression, the surface also affects anti-felting and anti-piling. Another good advantage of it is the USB port which allows you to charge your low power devices like phone, headset, iPad, etc. while napping or sleeping on the recliner.
They build this recliner chair with environment-friendly timber with high production costs. This is also harmful formaldehyde-free, “P2 requirements of California Air Resources Board (CARB)” confirm it. Requiring no tools, it takes 10-15 minutes to assemble the entire recliner. A super-easy assembly and instruction guide come with the chair. The manufacturer will provide the best solution in between 24 hours for any defect or shipping damage. They also provide 1-year technical support for the lift motor and steel frame, which is great! You can consider it one of the best recliners for sleeping.


  1.  Power lift mechanism
  2.  4 point heating and 5 mode vibration massaging
  3.  Reclines up to 150 degrees in the customized position
  4.  2 cup holders and USB port
  5.  Durable metal steel frame built-in
  6.  Available in 5 colors

1. Not suitable for a very tall person

CANMOV Leather Recliner: Best Traditional

Look at your living area. Do you prefer something so admired as traditional with a classy vintage look for your living room? If that is so, CANMOV leather recliner is a wonderful option to meet your choice.

CANMOV, a specializing living room furniture company, provides top quality simplified American style recliner with impressive quality and craftsmanship. This chair is a classical manual recliner with breathable luxurious bonded leather suitable for the living room, bedroom, or home theater area. They design it with two overstuffed pillows on the head and back with high-density foam. The laminated veneer lumber system provides optimal comfort and stability. The elegant look of Brass Accent Nails on the soft round-arched armrest enhanced its pricelessness.
Coming with a manual mechanism, this chair will recline smoothly with no noise that gives a grand lounging experience. By pulling out the lever on the arm, you can extend the footrest and pushing back to recline. The footrest can be retracted in place easily, when not in use, by pressing with your heels.
Its solid metal frame ensures stability and durability.


  1. Noise-free recliner
  2. 6 unique colors are available
  3. CANMOV offers a free exchange for any damage and installation problem with a 1-year guarantee


  1. May not suitable for a very tall person
  2. Not for people with physical illness

Signature Design by Ashely Power Lift Recliner: Best Choice for Comfort and Elegance

If you are here to search for something fancy that comes with comfort and functionalities, you are in the right place. Signature Design by Ashely power lift recliner greatly combines contemporary style and functionalities. The saddle brown upholstery of the faux leather cushion is a finished design to feel cozy with a classy look. Noteworthy to say, “Roomy” is the perfect word for the size of the recliners.

Now let’s dive into the functionalities. This is a dual motor chair that can recline automatically by remote control. Because of the automated reclining mechanism, it does not require any push. The elevated footrest to give your legs an ultimate lounging experience. The feature of controlling the back and footrest individually or both together makes the chair more convenient to use.
Furthermore, we all know how we struggle to get up from a leaning position. But this extremely functional recliner is here to assist you by simply lifting you towards from where you can stand out effortlessly.
As it is an oversized recliner, remarkably, its weight capacity is up to 300lbs. More to say, this is a well-constructed heavy recliner. The metal reinforcement ensures its high endurance allowing the chair for everyday rough use.


  1. Very comfy touch of faux leather
  2. Power lift reclining Mechanism
  3. Designed for oversized people
  4. Longer time durable
  5.  Available in two elegant colors


  1. Footrest can be smaller for a tall person

Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver: Best Oversized Recliners for Sleeping

If you are a very tall man, you may have to come across a lot of branded design to choose a perfect recliner for sleeping. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver can be a good choice for you. In this oversized recliner, a very tall person like 6 feet 5inches can fit comfortably. The overall weight capacity of the chair is up to 500 pounds and a full 44 inches wide to provide total comfort.

Filled with 2.5 high resiliency foam cushion, this king-size recliner ensures optimal comfort. When reclined it is full 79 inches, you cannot feel the difference between it as a recliner or a prime quality king mattress! With a rich lather looking, this suede padded cushion will support your head, back, arms, and legs perfectly. The armrests are wide enough to prevent slip off.
This Comfort-king recliner is not only an oversized chair, but it’s a strong, durable recliner, made with a 7 gauge steel frame for durability and strength. With bolted on the mechanism, the armrest makes sure its stability and longevity. They used a ‘drop-in coil seating’ support that will last longer with consistent comfort. Combining with the steel frame, the enhanced wooden frame adds more stability.
By pushing a lever, you can recline the chair completely and it will lock the footrest. It will come back to an upright position if the lever is pulled out. Though it’s a bulky chair, it saves some space as a wall hugger recliner. Made in the USA, this comfort-king recliner is only built by Lane Home, who has 100 years of reputation. You can deserve the ultimate relaxation and recharge from them! Considering all functionalities this chair is one of the best recliners for sleeping for a very tall person.
But everything has a limit, as it is not a lift chair, so people with mobility can have a tough time getting up from it without assistance.


  1. Perfect for a very tall person
  2. High weight capacity
  3. Extra plush comfort
  4. Made for longer lasting


  1. Manual recline mechanism

ComHoma Leather Recliner: Best Manual Recliner for Sleeping

Generally, recliners come with a variety of features and functionality and are used for different reasons. ComHoma Leather Recliner is one of those which are multifunctional. It is a rocking, massaging, heating, and swivel chair altogether!

This massage recliner will allow you to 8 point massage in 4 adjustable intensities that will relieve your stiffed muscles. This massage system is also very helpful for blood circulation. It offers leg massage too that is available in very few brands. It has a heating feature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature that warms up slowly, can be very helpful to reduce any muscle pain or back pain. People who have a tough time falling asleep, the heating system will relax their muscles and joints.
Ergonomically designed, the soft padded cushion will support the entire body where it is needed the most. The faux leather surface offers a very smooth feeling and which is also easy to clean and durable. It’s a push back recliner mechanism where you need to lean backward and use your body weight to recline. And it has five reclining positions that allow you to take the rest from different angles from 110 degrees to 160 degrees, which is convenient. The 360-degrees swiveling feature allows you to turn around different directions without moving. If you are suffering from a severe back pain, this one can be a great choice as one of the best recliners for back pain.
Coming with two cup holders and two storages, this massage chair ensures your ultimate comfort for long hours. You can load up the chair with coffee, magazines, tv remote control so that you don’t need to leave the chair again and again. Along with brown, this chair comes with another two decent colors – cream and black. We bet this durable recliner will be your favorite place to spend your lazy hours and don’t want to leave it!


  1. Rocking and swiveling features together
  2. Zero-gravity reclining position
  3. 8 point Massaging with 5 modes of vibration intensities and heating function
  4. Have cup holders and side pockets
  5. Easy to assemble
  6. Available in three colors


  1.  Not suitable for physically limited people

Homall Recliner Chair: Most Reviewed and Budget-Friendly

Well, if something that attracts your attention within a budget you have been searching for a while, this Homall recliner chair is the one.

It is undoubtedly a prime quality recliner chair built with high­ density thick sponge and faux leather on the surface and ideal for all age groups.
Additionally, this one is also a manual push back recliner, which is a brilliant choice for the ones who prefer to turn their living or recreational area into a modern-slim appearance.
The dimension of the chair is adequate for a tall person to stretch out. Also, the manual push back system makes its operation incredibly easier for the user. Moreover, the hassle-free assemblage will reduce the headache of prolonging installation. It also supports the feet of the recliner with non-marking pads to protect your hard floor effectively.


  1. Perfect for a compact space
  2. Best value for the price
  3. Easy to set up


  1. Might not last for a lengthy period
  2. Not much beneficial for back pain sufferer

ANJ Electric Recliner: Best Traditional Recliner for Sleeping

If you assume it’s pretty difficult to adore tradition in the modern technology freak world, then you’re definitely missing something interesting.

Let’s explore! Unique brands of recliners have just opened up the whole other world of options of comfort. Designers are trying to blend the classical comfort and brand new amenities together to reach the whole new and old generation. ANJ Electric Recliner is one of those.
Classical breathable bonded leather with detailed Brass, traditional stitching, and the noise-free electric relining system is a perfect combo. Simply pressing button will activate the extremely smooth reclining function with a gentle motion that is very handy for people having physical illness due to ages or diseases.
The overstuffed pillows on the head and back, well-padded armrests and footrest will allow you to sleep comfortably or watch television. Another significant feature is a USB charging port on the right side of the chair to keep your devices charged with what everybody looks for!


  1. Constructed with a steady, durable metal frame
  2. Heavy and oversized
  3. Easy to clean breathable leather
  4. Free exchange for any inconvenience with ­1 year warrantee
  5. It is available in 2 elegant colors


  1.  A gap may create between the pillows in recline position

Morgan Stucco Swiveling Recliner

Nowadays, a comfortable recliner is considered a staple piece of furniture in any living area. Morgan Stucco swiveling recliner with matching ottoman makes it a perfect combination with comfort and unique look together.

The beautifully finished recliner and ottoman are solid walnuts based that is a durable material and hold up to 300lb. The beautiful faux leather cushion, with medium to firm density support, will give a much more comfortable sitting experience. And do not worry about cleaning, you can do it simply by wiping with a damp cloth or dusting.
The chair can recline and swivel 360 degrees smoothly and comfortably. There is a small compartment under the cushion of the ottoman where a small piece of book, magazine, remote control, and other small necessary staff can be stored.
You can assemble the chair with minimal effort. As the chair is not so bulky, it will fit in your tight space. It is also very lightweight, you can move it from one place to another place.


  1. Designed with durable material
  2. Occupy little space
  3. Easy to assemble


  1. Not suitable for oversized people

Domesis Cortez Recliner: Best Accent Recliner for Sleeping

What if you find a vintage themed accent chair which can also recline! Sounds interesting, right? Domesis Cortez Distressed push back reclined chair looks like an accent chair in a first glance. You would not consider it as a recliner until you know it. The elegance of the recliner will add a new charm in your sitting area or bedroom. Because of its unique design, we keep it in the list of the best recliners for sleeping.

Normally the recliners are huge and kill a big space, but not this one. This perfect sized recliner will not take much space. As it is a wall hugger recliner, it will not take over 4-5 inches of wall clearance to recline fully.
We chose it one of the best recliners for sleeping because it is unique in design and comfortable too. Accented with hand-tacked antique bronze nail-head trim of the chair will add a traditional sophisticated touch in your interior. The angled legs of the recliner create a distinctive design. And there is no big lever, button or complicated remote control to recline the chair which can spoil the looks sometimes. By pushing the backrest, the chair will recline completely and comfortably.

Building with pocket coil cushion, this accent recliners offers enduring comfort. Ergonomically designed overstuffed back pillows are perfect for sleeping. Though it looks like a small chair but there this enough room to rest your arms, back, and legs. The recliner measures 38” width, 36.5” depth and 41.5” height and 64” when it reclined fully.
The soft and supple suede fabric comes in two vibrant colors, will give an ultimate feeling of continuous comfort. And obviously, it is very easy to clean and durable too.
To lasting strength, it is built with a hardwood frame. It will stand up to heavy everyday use. The assembly is also quite easy and it will not take much more than 15 minutes.


  1. Unique accent Recliner
  2. Hidden extended footrest
  3. Constructed with durable material
  4. Easy to assemble 
  5. Available in 2 colors


  1.  Not suitable for back pain patient or a very old person
  2. Manual recline mechanism

What is a Recliner Chair?

A recliner is a type of upholstered armchair that can lean backward and the footrest lifts up at the same time. The process of reclining can be electric or manual. It also comes with massaging, heating, power lift technology, 360 swiveling, USB, and much more! Sounds great, right! Nowadays a sitting area without a recliner can be imagined. This chair is not merely used for relaxation, rather it’s very beneficial for the back patient and elderly people. So a recliner can bring ultimate relaxation.
Mainly there are two popular types of recliners in the market:

Manual Recliner

If you are not a technology person, manual recliners are the best option for you. There are some varieties in the manual reclining mechanism. Some of them recline by pulling a lever under the armrest, while others are just push back recliners. You just need to push the backrest using your body weight. Pulling the lever without body weight will back the recliner in an upright position. If you are a perfect fit, then this can be an excellent option for you.
But if you have back pain or physical mobility or buying it for senior people, then you should rethink before buying a manual recliner. Sometimes it can frustrate while fixing the backrest in your desired position.

Electric Recliner

While manual recliners can be harder to operate for some people, the electric ones recline with the touch of a button or by remote control. Actually, electric recliners are the upgraded version. There is no difference in comfort level or relaxation except user-friendliness.
Another convenient side of the electric recliner is the individual part of the chair which can be adjusted separately. For example, the footrest can move independently from the backrest. Some electric recliners use a power lift mechanism to assist standing up.
The major limitation of electric recliners is, either it needs a power supply all the time or a battery pack. If you run out of it, you can’t use the recliner. Besides, electric recliners can cost more than a manual chair. Disregarding these insignificant downsides, electric recliners are the most popular ones!

Let’s watch a video on Manual vs Electric Recliner!

What Types of Recliners are the best for sleeping

Along with manual and electrical reclining mechanism, there are some other important features to look out before buying. You have options to choose according to your interior theme or if you have medical conditions. So here are the features and functionalities that you should consider before purchasing a new recliner.

Power Massaging and Heating Recliners

This is a must-have feature in your recliner. This type of recliners helps to ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, muscle fatigue by massaging and heating. Massaging also increases blood circulation that helps to calm down your body. Some of them have a vibrating mode. You adjust the intensity level following your comfort zone. If you have awful back pain, you should have this category of a recliner.

Powerlifting recliners

Having a severe back pain or weak knees, standing up from a sitting position is really tough. This power lift recliners use the lift mechanism to push up the chair to rise from a seat, so you don’t need to give pressure on your back or knees. You can operate it with a button or remote control. The power lift recliner also comes with a massaging and heating system. This recliner is a bit costlier than other types.

Zero Gravity Recliners

Zero gravity means no gravity. Sounds crazy right! Inventing by NASA, the Zero gravity recliner mechanism will allow reclining your body in a neutral posture elevating your feet over the level of the heart. In this position, you will feel a weightless sensation. Wow! That’s amazing, right! Because of this, your blood circulation will increase and relax your body. If you are dealing with back pain or leg swelling, this will help you minimize stress on your heart and body.

Wall Hugger Recliners

In general, recliners are comparatively big and occupy a large space in the front and the back. But wall hugger or wall-saver recliners use a mechanism when you lean back the chair, it actually comes forward. To add, it requires a small space in the back and can be placed close to the wall. In addition, they also come with rocker technology. Summing up, if you look for recliners with a compact space, you should go for wall hugger recliners.


Rocker and Swivel Recliners

Rocker recliner functions just like its name. Yes, you are right! It feels like a rocking chair. It moves back and forth in a reclining position. This type of recliner is mostly popular with parents of young children. Breastfeeding moms love it because it helps the babies to stay calm and mothers to relax simultaneously. People who are struggling to sleep also like this recliner due to the reason of its rocking motion that facilitates them to fall into a deep sleep.
The other type is swiveling recliner that can rotate 360 degrees, to the right or left like a revolving chair, on a central circular base. Most of the time swiveling and rocking features come together.

Recliners with Separate Ottoman

What we think about a recliner, they have always built-in footrest. But in this type of recliner, there is no built-in footrest rather than a separate ottoman as a footrest. They look more stylish and space savers too.

Accent recliners

Accent recliners look like a traditional accent chair but it can recline. Usually, they are push back recliners so there is no lever or button. If you want to create a vintage theme in the sitting area with comfort, go for an accent recliner.

How you can choose the best recliners for sleeping

As you know, it is an era of online shopping. There is a rat race among brands competing with each other to be the best one. So it’s not easy for us to say “okay, this is the best one”. Therefore, we’ve categorized the best recliners for sleeping according to its features and functionalities, and budget and durability.


Materials are one of the important factors that should be considered before buying a recliner chair. How long your recliner will last, or how much comfort you will feel from it, depends on its material. Even maintaining it also depends on the material. Leather, Suede, Fabric, and microfiber are commonly used in recliners.
Noteworthy to speak, leather is more durable than suede and much easy to clean than fabric. If you have kids or pets in the home, you should go for microfiber as it is high water and stain-resistant. You can maintain it easily. On the other hand, fabric recliner brings a classic tailored look in the interior.

You can check out How to clean a recliner!


Manufacturers are battling to upgrade the recliners into better versions. So there are so many features and functions in recliners. You should know what features you need or like most to have in a recliner. If you have bad back pain, consider the massaging and heating system. For a senior person, power lift recliners can be beneficial. Or you are a nursing mother, you will prefer a rocking recliner for sure!
You should go through all the types of recliners (described earlier), so you can decide which one suits you the most.


The size of a recliner is another determiner to think about. Some recliners are perfect for the very tall and heavy weighted person while some others for medium bodyweight person. You should buy one that can fit you perfectly.


If it comes to the matter of budget that usually depends on the features and materials. Carefully evaluation can help to choose a well-featured recliner within your budget. Remember cheap does not mean poor quality all the time nor costly mean good quality. And finally, you should take a look at the materials of the recliner and warranty to guess its durability. Because you do not want to waste money on a poor quality product.

In case you need to replace or repair any part of your favorite recliner, do not forget to check the article on how to fix a recliner like a pro!

Who Like to Sleep in a Recliner Chair?

  1. Commonly people with bad back pain love to sleep in a recliner most. Because they face trouble to stretch fully on a bed. Following lumbar support, Recliners reduce pressure on the back.
  2.  People who are suffering from fluid retention, also love recliners because they elevate the body that reduces swelling.
  3. Generally, people undergoing acid reflux feel comfortable using a recliner since the reclining position stops stomach acid to move up into the esophagus.
  4. Sleep apnea patients like to sleep in a recliner. It’s a disorder that narrows the airways to breathe and in depriving of oxygen they snore a lot. In a reclining position elevated headrest leaves the airways open that lower the symptom.
  5. It is quite usual that pregnant women always crave a comfortable sleep on a bed and they need a bunch of pillows to support their body. Moving to a recliner can let them have better sleep, adjusting the position accordingly.
  6. Heart patients usually face difficulties to breathe when lying down. Recliners help them to sleep in a better position and reduce their suffering. Besides, heart bypass patients are unable to sleep on their sides for many days and that time recliners can help them get a restful sleep.
  7. Furthermore, the back sleepers enjoy recliners more than the side sleepers do.
  8. People with limited mobility also find it helpful to use a recliner.

Are there any benefits to sleep on a Recliner?

Undoubtedly recliners are not merely for reading journals or watching TV sitting on it. Most people use it as a bed. There are many reasons why you need a recliner to have better sleep

Increase Blood Circulation

If you are suffering from fluid retention, then swelling ankles, feet, and legs are your everyday companions. Sometimes standing or sitting for long hours can cause leg swelling. Because of gravity, blood loads up in lower extremities. At this point reclining on a chair raises the legs over the level of the heart can increase the blood circulation and lessen swelling. Besides, zero gravity technology used in recliners brings the body in a unique position where it feels weightless. This sensation allows the heart to circulate blood flow evenly throughout the body. Increased blood flow decreases the risk of a heart attack. That’s why a suitable position is important for a night of enjoyable sleep.

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is one of the common health issues. The back pain patients have to struggle for a better sleeping position. Non-ergonomic bed or chair increases the level of pain. Recliners are designed following ergonomic principles that support the entire body where it needed most. It also lessens the pressure from the back that helps to relieve back pain. Most of the recliners also have the massaging function that releases muscles and heating function which works like a hot compress that also reduce back pain.

Strengthen heart function

When we recline, our heart need not work against gravity, so the heart can pump blood to the brain with no extra effort. In the other position, standing decreases the blood flow. To maintain enough blood supply to the brain, the heart works hard that causes increased heart rate. And finally, high heart rate leads to high blood pressure. 

Improve snoring disorder

Snoring is a common enemy to many back sleepers. Sleeping on a recliner can solve this ever-annoying problem. An elevated head on a recliner does not let the airways to block. So Trouble making snoring disorder improves a lot with the blessings of a recliner!

Reduce Stress

The human body is not something flat. Sometimes lying down on a flatbed can be uncomfortable. An ergonomically designed recliner can be adjusted according to the right posture that reduces muscle stress. Besides, heating and massaging functions also help to relax the body.

Furthermore, recliners decrease acid reflux by not letting the stomach acids entering the esophagus.

Improve Spinal Health

You know how difficult it is for those who suffer from spinal disc-related injuries. Spinal injuries mainly cause neck pains and lower back pains. Since the reclining position removes the pressure from the spine and lets the fluids return to the spinal disc, it makes the spinal functionalities healthier and reduces the chances of neck stress and lower back pains.

What We Recommend as the Best Recliners for Sleeping

Noticing all the features and functions, we highly recommend you to have a power massage recliner. This one will allow you to have a comfortable recliner chair and a heated massage chair altogether.

We also suggest the power lift recliner if you have trouble standing up from the chair or if you buy the chair for an elderly person. This will assist you to stand up with just a press of a button!

In addition, you can choose the wall hugger for a limited space or rocker recliner if you are a nursing mother considering your necessities. Accent recliners are pretty gorgeous option too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay to sleep in a recliner every night?

We all know that a person sleeps one-third of his life on an average. No doubt, that is quite a significant amount of time. Therefore, what position one should sleep is important, so it does not cause any physical damage. Most of the time doctors suggest sleeping on a recliner for some conditions. But continuous sleeping on a recliner can sometimes cause hardening the hip muscles and knee rigidity. That can increase your risk of upright postures of mobility. So you should consult your physician in advance.

2. How much does a good recliner cost?

It’s hard to say a fixed price for a good recliner. Price actually varies in features. The average price range of a good recliner is between $250 to $5000. The price will go higher with the functions and quality.

You should compare the price with the quality and functions before buying. A good functional and quality recliner worth a handsome budget indeed.

3. Is it better to sleep in a recliner than a bed?

It depends on the situation in general. The answer can be yes or no depending on an individual physical condition. Sleeping in the recliner is very convenient for the patients of heart and back or underlying other medical conditions. But a healthy person would not prefer sleeping in a recliner on a regular basis. In an upright or locked position, recliners increase the spinal pressure.

4. How long should a recliner last?

It is a most asked question about recliners. Lasting of a recliner or any other things depends on the quality and way of use. A good quality recliner can be a wise investment to your home if you use it gently. Generally, the lifespan of a recliner is 10 to 12 years. But very rough use can decrease its durability. Sometimes over cleaning of cushions causes the damage or fading. If any damage occurs to any part of the recliner, it can be replaced or fixed.

5. Can sleep on a recliner cause blood clots?

Sleeping in the recliner in an upright position could be harmful sometimes. In a sitting position, for long hours, generally, legs and arms are bent and back is straight that can raise the risk of clotting blood. It also happened occasionally on the airplane while traveling to a long destination. You should recline the backrest and elevate the footrest while sleeping in the recliner, preventing any further occurrence. Make sure any position should not hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable.

6. What is the most comfortable recliner to sleep in?

There are so many brands that make the best recliners thinking of consumer’s well-being. From them, we carefully choose some best recliners for sleeping. Some of them are Esright Massage Recliner, CANMOV Leather Recliner, Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver, Morgan Stucco Swiveling Recliner, and Domesis Cortez Recliner. Indeed, these are not only the best recliners for sleeping. There is a lot! You should carefully check the functions, the durability of the materials, and last not the least price.

7. Can sleeping in a recliner help sleep apnea?

Yes, it provides some relief. Reclining position does not let the airways relax completely while sleeping. It prevents oxygen deprivation and allows the patient to breathe normally.

8. Does sleeping on a recliner hurt you?

Not actually. Recliners help to fall asleep because of its positioning and support. In fact, it can ease your backache and some other medical conditions. In some rare cases, long hours of sleeping in one position can hurt the back who are not used to it. 

9. What is the best material for a recliner?

How long your recliner will last and how good it will look, depend on its material. When it comes to the purchasing of a recliner, leather is the first choice of customers. Durability and gorgeous looking are the key factors of buying a leather recliner. It is highly water and stain resistant that provides easy maintenance. But if you have pets in the home, they could damage it by scratching. And it can be hot and cold in summer and winter, consequently.

The next best alternative is fabric recliner. There are options to choose colors and patterns in fabric recliner. It provides a warm feeling. But drawbacks of fabric recliners are their vulnerability to stains. Also, it requires more effort to maintain properly.

10. Is it OK to sleep in a recliner after back surgery?

Sleeping on the recliner after surgery can help to ease the post-surgery pain and speed up the recovery. A recliner offers the most needed spinal and knee support that reduces the pressure on the back.

Final Words

A bad positioning sleep can cause more physical damage instead of relaxing. As recliners are built to support the postures perfectly, it helps to have a better sleep. Buying a recliner can be challenging if you are not sure what type is perfect for you. So, we tried to make your shopping easy by choosing the 10 best recliners for sleeping from unique brands. Hope it will help you choose one. If you have questions about recliners don’t forget to let us know and we will get back to you at our earliest possible time.

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