Best recliners for seniors

7 Best Recliners for Seniors 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

Best Recliners for Seniors — let’s discuss, shall we?
They say, With Age Comes Wisdom, but what they don’t say is with age comes some unwanted problems as well. Like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, etc. According to Statista, 54% of American adults suffer from back or neck problems. Power lift recliners are made for those people. They offer comfort, body massage, and help reduce chiropractic pain.
With so many recliners available in the market, it gets confusing to choose the perfect one for your home. So, we made a list of 7 Best Recliners for Seniors. All the recliners included in the list are power lift recliners specially made for senior people. 

7 Best Recliners for Seniors

Giantext power lift recliner

Power lift mechanism.
Provides massage therapy
Easy to use with the remote controller

Giantex power lift recliner chair

Provides massaging and heating
Has a safe power lift mechanism
Easy to use with remote controller

Irene House Dual Motor recliner

Provide infinite position
Powered by Dual OKIN Motor
Adjustable backrest and footrest

Irene house power lift chair

Provides 3 reclining position
Powered by a single Okin Motor
Ergonomically designed

Magic Union power lift chair

Budget friendly 
Provides vibrating massage
Controlled by a remote

Mecor Power Lift Recliner

Adjustable headrest
Provides massing and heating
Built-in USB port

URRED Electric Power lift Recliner

Provides heating and massaging
Weight capacity 330lb
It has USB port and side pockets

We decided to start our list with the Giantex power lift recliner. It is a budget-friendly power lift plus massage recliner designed for elders. Its durable and sturdy structure is made of iron frames and wood. It has thick sponge padding for extra comfort. The entire weight of this recliner is 80lbs and is capable of handling 300 is available in 2 different colors, Grey, and Dark Grey.

 If you are a fan of minimalistic design, we bet you will like this recliner. It is best known for its simplicity, durability, and affordable price. Giantex power recliner is a very compact recliner that offers basic functionalities. It has an iron base and a wooden frame. The net weight of this recliner is 80 lbs.  

The main feature of this recliner is a Counter Balance Push Mechanism. The lift mechanism can push the chair up to assist people stand-up. The push lift mechanism is remote controlled and works best for senior people with mobility issues. 
The backrest and the footrest of the Giantex power recliner are manually operated. Both footrest and backrest can be adjusted at any position. The retractable footrest is made of high-quality durable metal frames. Thicker recliner back and wide armrest is made to give you ultra-comfort experience. 
Giantex power lift features a 4-point massage system. 2 in the back and 2 in the waist. You can choose from 5 different massage modes. The humanized design of this chair and massage therapy helps you to relieve stress and relax. The vibrating massage systems are made for those people who work in long sessions. 
This modern recliner is a must-have furniture for your house. The high-quality material used in this chair ensures long-term usability. Giantex power recliner requires minimum maintenance and easy to clean. You can read our detailed article on how to clean a recliner! Because of its slack design, it can be used in recreational rooms and other business places as well. 


  •  Affordable, compact and modern
  • Power lift mechanism.
  • Provides massage therapy
  • Easy to use with the remote controller
  • Easy to clean


  • The footrest and the backrest need manual adjustment
  • Doesn’t provide heat therapy

If you are looking for a long-lasting affordable power recliner, go for this one.

The next recliner on the list is also from Giantex. While the first one was a basic recliner chair, this one is packed with features. All the premium features like faux leather, remote control power lift mechanism, massage, and heating, USB charging port you can get with this recliner. 

While the previous one has 4 vibrating points, this one has 8. Those 8 vibrating points focus on 4 specific areas (back, lumbar, thighs, legs). The chair comes with 5 pre-programmed massage modes and 2 intensity levels. It also provides a lumber heating function. The heater and the vibrator can work separately and independently. It’s a great recliner who has back or neck problem.

Needless to say, it has a power lift mechanism to help assist people in standing up. The power lift mechanism works quietly, smoothly, and secure enough for senior people.

The recliner has 2 built-in USB ports. So you don’t have to get from your chair to charge your gadgets. For your convenience, it has 2 cup holders on the armrests. There are also 2 side pockets to store small things in it. 

High-quality metal frame and solid construction of this chair guarantee long-term service. The chair is covered with high-density sponges. Thick padded backrest and footrest are soft and smooth. It is so comfortable that you would not want to get off this chair. And the water-resistant and high-quality leather surface is very easy to clean.


  • Solid, luxurious and elegant looking recliner
  • Provides massage and heat therapy
  • Has a safe power lift mechanism
  • Easy to use with remote controller


  •  Bit pricey

If you are looking for a feature-packed power lift recliner, go for this one. 

Irene house lift chair recliner is undoubtedly one of the best recliners for seniors. The primary purpose of this chair is to give ultimate support to elders with physical disabilities. It’s a dual motor-powered recliner that is made of wood, steel, and red-brown leather. It is designed to handle 300lbs.

The main attraction of this power recliner is its dual motor. Irene House used two powerful German-made Okin motors in this chair. The motors are quiet and can run independently. Because of that, the backrest and footrest of this recliner can be individually adjusted. It comes with a 4 button hand controller. With a push of a button, the recliner can fully recline or lift. It is a perfect solution for older people who face difficulties in standing up and sitting down.

Irene House takes pride in the matter that this recliner can provide infinite positions. The backrest of this chair can be operated from 105°to 180°, and the footrest from 90° to 180°., so you can set the recliner at any position. It allows you to stretch fully and relax.
To meet the p2 requirement of California Air Resources Board (CARB), Irene house used formaldehyde-free wood boards. High-quality materials used in this recliner make it strong and ensures long-term service. The leather surface of this chair is smooth and comfortable to touch. It is waterproof, which makes it very easy to clean.
 Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners for Elderly comes with a lumbar pillow to support your lumbar region. It has a wide backrest and two universal rear wheels. There are two side pockets attached to each armrest. A very convenient place to keep little devices like mobiles, TV remote, etc.
 Another great thing is they provide 1-year warranty for all electronic components (motor/transformer/hand controller), 2-years warranty for cover (fabric, PU/PVC, combined fabric, leather, etc). and 3-years warranty for reclining mechanism & solid wood frame.


  • Provide infinite position
  • Powered by Dual OKIN Motor
  • The backrest and footrest both are electrically adjustable. 


  • Pricey
  • Does not have a heating and massaging functions

If you need a powerful, reliable, and posh recliner, we suggest you buy Irene House Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners for the elderly.

The next recliner on our list is also from the Irene house. While the first one is bulky and pricey, Irene House Power Lift Modern Transitional Chair for Elderly is compact and affordable. Both recliners have the same built quality, durability, and reliability. This classic power recliner comes in blue, black, brown, and sage.

This recliner is best known for its stable performance and solid construction. It can manage up to 300lbs. It is compact enough to fit in any room. The reclining feature of this chair along with its extendable footrest lets you fully stretch your body. It has a durable cover which is easy to clean. The overstuffed pillow design of this chair will give you ultimate comfort. 

Just like the previous one, its backrest is electrically operated. But you need to adjust the footrest manually. Irene House Power Lift Chair Modern Transitional Chair for the elderly uses only a single motor. Hence, it is more affordable than a dual motor-powered recliner.  This one can be consiered as one of the best recliners for sleeping.


  • Provides 3 reclining position
  • Powered by a single Okin Motor
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Don’t provide heating and massaging functions

If you are a fan of Irene house recliner and looking for an affordable recliner go for this one. 

Magic Union power lift recliners are probably the most fan-favorite recliner in the market. It has 551 positive ratings on Amazon to support the statement. Magic union power lift recliner has a vibrating chair and comes with 2 control wheels. It is made of solid wood and faux leather. They design this beautiful thick padded recliner with overstuffed backrest and seat to give you the ultimate comfort. 

Just like Irene house recliners, magic union power recliners also have power lift function. But it only uses one motor. The backrest and the footrest work together, not independently. The power lift function can be controlled with a remote controller.

Magic union power lift recliner impressed us with its heat and massage functions. It has 8 massage points to focus on 4 areas (leg, tight, lumbar, and back). You can use the massage points in 5 different modes like pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal. We didn’t expect to see this functionality from a recliner of its class. Magic union power lift recliners are easy to use. To control this unit, you get 2 remote controllers. It has two built-in cup holders and side pockets. 


  1. Budget friendly 
  2. Provides vibrating massage
  3. Controlled by a remote


  1. Does not provide heating function

It is a feature-packed power lift recliner at an affordable price. If you like it, go for it.

The best part of Mecor Power Lift Recliner is the electrically adjustable headrest, something that usually very few recliners provide. The electrically adjustable headrest can be easily adjusted with the provided remote controller. It gives you perfect angles, up to 35 degrees, to support your neck. This cleverly designed headrest makes Mecor power recliner the best choice for elders, suffering from neck problem.

This electrically powered recliner offers both heating and massaging facilities. It is soft, comfortable, and can avoid the growth of bacteria for your safety. This high-quality recliner comes in a beautiful brown color. It can withstand up to 330 lbs.

Mecor power lift recliner has a Counter Balance Lift mechanism. Powered by a silent motor, this recliner can lift the chair all the way up to help senior people stand up easily. Needless to say, you can operate it with a remote controller.

This chair can recline to 160 degrees. It’s reclining feature and extendable footrest allow the user to stretch fully. It helps you relax during sleeping, reading, and watching TV. It has 2 built-in USB ports at the side of the chair. So you don’t need to get out of the chair to charge your devices.

Mecor power lift recliner is equipped with 8 vibrating massage nodes. The massage node focuses on 4 points like back, lumbar, legs, and thigh. It has one heating system for the lumbar part. The heating and massaging increase blood circulation in your body and help reduce back pain. It’s a perfect choice for senior people who are suffering from back and neck pain. If you are looking for a recliner that can help to reduce back pain, take a look at our precise guide on best recliners for back pain.


  1. Adjustable headrest
  2. Provides massing and heating functions
  3. Built-in USB port
  4. Noise-free reclining


No cons

It’s undoubtedly one of the best recliners for seniors. It has our highest recommendation. 

The last item on our list is URRED Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair made for the elderly. It competes with Mecor power lift recliner and Magic Union power lift recliner. All three recliners are pretty common in functionalities and price range. 

Just like every other recliner of our list, this is also a power lift recliner. The backrest and footrest can be adjusted between 90 and 150 degrees. The base and the backrest have high-quality springs and are filled with high resilience sponge. Those sponges are pure, environment friendly, and comfortable. 


The recliner has heating & massaging functionalities. It has an 8-point massage system along with a lumbar heating function. 5 massage points in 4 massage points. The fun part is, there is a remote controller to operate all the features.

To charge your devices, it has a USB port and to store your small staffs it has 2 side pockets. 


  1. Provides heating and massaging
  2. Weight capacity 330lb
  3. It has USB port and side pockets


No cons

Whether you choose Urred / Magic Union / Mecor power lift recliner, you cannot go wrong with any of those. All 3 models are very similar in price and functions.

Advantages of having a Recliner

Offers Comfort

Spending 300-500USD on a recliner chair may seem like a big step to an average person. But we like to think of it as an investment. An investment for the comfort and support a recliner offers.

Technological advancement has smoothened the way to make a better and more comfortable recliner chair. Classical recliners, as well as modern recliners, are specifically designed for those people who face trouble sitting in a typical chair. People like pregnant women, senior people, people with physical disabilities, and post-surgical patients.

At the push of a button, motor-powered recliners can take you in a fully reclined position. This helps you relax and tank a quick nap in the most comfortable position. Recliners can also aid you in standing up and sitting down. The entire process is safe and comfortable for senior persons. Some ultra-premium recliners heat and full body massage facilities. It helps you reduce stress and increases your productivity.

Helps to Maintain a Good Posture

We are not sure if you have ever noticed, the older we get, the shorter we get. It’s because of a shrinking phenomenon. When people enter their 50s and 60s, their spine begins to change. Over time, the vertebrae and discs of their backbone start to break down. Also, the connective tissues in their spice start to thin out and lose elasticity. These work as a cushion between the bones of our backbone. As a result, people can end up losing 2-3 inches (7.62 cm) of their overall height.

Maintaining proper posture is important to prevent this shrinking phenomenon. Proper posture improves blood circulation, which in turn better oxygenates our body. It is recommended to maintain proper posture our entire life, but its necessity for senior people is enormous.

That’s where the benefit of having a recliner comes into play. You see, the best recliners for seniors does not only offer comfort but improves postures as well. Well-designed recliners ensure proper spine position in reclining mode.

Minimize the Risk of Injury

An estimated 19 million people suffer from mobility issues in the U.S.A. The reason behind this problem can be muscular diseases, neurological diseases, or just old age. Even a strong young man who just had major surgery may also suffer from mobility issues.

Moving from one place to another can be a big challenge for them. Even it is as simple as standing up and sitting down in the house. Fall and fall-related injuries hurt those people the most.

But it does not need to be like this. A power lift recliner can take you in a fully reclined position and lift you up from it. Power lift recliner diminished the need to use your muscle. Thus reduces the risk of falling. 

It also gives its user a feeling of independence. It boosts his morale and speeds the recovery time.

Reduce Back Pain

It is very common in older people to have back, neck, or hip pain. We highly suggest power lift recliners have multi-zone heating. The heating system in power lift can help elders in 2 major ways.

In most cases, back or neck pain results from strain and stress. Strained muscles do not receive adequate oxygen, which causes the pain. External heat on those areas to expand the blood vessel and increased blood circulation. Increase blood circulation carries more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. Thus reduces pain. 

Also, Senior people tend to be more sensitive towards cold. So, the heating system becomes very important in winter. It prevents cold and helps elder people sleep. 

Buying Guide

Types of Recliners

Two-position recliner:

The name of this recliner is pretty self-explanatory. The two-position recliner can offer only two basic positions: fully reclined or upright. These are the most widely available recliners. Since two-position recliners have pretty basic functionalities, they are also cheap to buy. 

Almost all two-position recliners use a lever to recline. The lever works as a trigger. Pressure on the lever mechanism releases the footrest, and the chair moves back to a reclining position. By the way, two-position recliners are best suited for a large room. Because It takes a lot of space when it is fully reclined.

Rocker Recliner

Another popular type of recliner is rocker recliner. It is slightly more expensive than two-position recliners. It offers several more reclining positions comparative to a two-position recliner. It can be used in an upright position with additional rocking functionality.

You see, when you use a two-position recliner in a reclining position, the footrest pops up, and the back goes all the way back.

But that’s not the case with a rocker recliner. You can use the footrest without pushing them back and vice versa. This makes it easier to place rocker recliners in relatively small apartments. Since rocker recliners rock back and forth, it’s very popular among people who face problems falling asleep.

Push Back Recliner

The name of the recliner says it all. You need to push with your back for the recliner to recline. We also know it as a flex-back recliner. The back part of this kind of recliner is the only movable part. So, logically it takes less space compared to a two-position recliner or a rocker recliner. By the way, the push back recliner does not have a built-in footrest. But if you need it, you can always use an ottoman with a chair. Usually, Push back recliners have modern looks and the price tag is similar to a two-position recliner.

Riser/Power Lift Recliner

Riser/power lift recliners  are the best recliners for seniors. These are electric motor powered reclining chairs. It can both recline and lift forward, so the user can seat and get out of the chair effortlessly. Riser recliners are the most modern and versatile recliners. Since it offers a lot of functionality, they are the most expensive types of recliners to buy.

Riser recliners are designed for those people who have injuries or physical disabilities. The majority of 54% of American adults, who suffer from back or knee problems, can’t sit or stand without assistance. Riser recliners are the perfect choice for them.

Typically, Riser recliners use one or two motors. Single motor-powered recliners use the motor to recline and lift the chair. Single-motor reclines can only go back and come forward with the push of a button. Some single motor recliners are designed in a way, so the seat can come forward while the chair reclines. Those are perfect for small apartments as they can be placed close to the walls.

In dual motor-powered recliners, one motor is used to control the back of the chair and the other one is control the footrest. These recliners are more complex and offer a lot of sitting positions. Usually, dual-motor recliners come with remotes for the user to operate the recliner.

Power Recliner vs Manual Recliner Which One Should I Buy:

Let me answer this straight. If you are buying a recliner for a senior person who has physical disabilities, you have to buy a power recliner. There is no other way around.

You can argue power recliners are costly. It needs proper and regular maintenance, which increases the operating cost. So, you are better off with a manual recliner. But what good is your manual recliner going to do if you / your old man can’t even use it?

Or if you are just looking for comfort in a recliner, you can either buy a manual recliner or a power recliner. For that situation, the below-written points will help you decide which one you should buy:


Power recliner is much more versatile than a manual recliner. A manual recliner works in either a sitting position or a fully reclined position. But power recliner offers infinite positions. You can set the backrest and the footrest at any angle you want. Some power recliners offer heating and vibrating functionalities. Hence, a power recliner much more comfortable than a manual recliner. 


Cost plays a very important role when you are trying to buy a recliner. So, we are going to discuss that first. 

Power recliner is much more complex than a manual recliner. Wooden/iron frame, high-density foam, some leather are the only things that needed to make a manual recliner. In addition to these things, a power recliner needs motor, electrical parts, and wire, heater, vibrator, remote control, etc.

Some premium power recliners use double motor instead of one. All these electrical parts raise the cost of power recliners. Do you know, a single OKIN MOTOR cost around 70-80 dollars. If a recliner uses 2 of those motors, it’s obviously going to cost 150 dollars more compared to a manual power recliner. 

Long story short: the more electrical parts your recliner has, the more expensive it is. 

Maintenance & Repair

Manual recliners need less effort on maintenance because of their simplicity. But that may not be applicable to a power recliner. A power lift recliner needs regular maintenance for optimum performance. 

The motor of power lift reclines should be oiled regularly. Since the power recliners have lots of movable parts, they tend to get loose over the time. So those parts need maintenance as well. And if you are not a handyman, you may need to pay for the maintenance in every 6 months.

The cost of repair a power lift recline is much more than that of a manual recliner. The replacement parts of power recliners are expensive as well. 

Don’t let this point discourage you from buying a power recliner. The above mention things happen in the worst-case scenario. There are less chances that recliners from a reputed brand will malfunction during its lifetime.

Read how to fix a recliner like a pro!


Easy to operate

If you are buying a power lift recliner for older people, make sure it is easy to use. Usually it has been seen that old people struggle to adapt to a new technology. The power recliner you are buying for your beloved senior may have tons of features, but what good it would be if it’s not convenient for him? 


Comfort is the key thing that you want from a recliner. No matter the price, the most comfortable recliner should be your first choice. Check the specifications of each product. Find out seat height and dimension. Can it handle your body weight? 

Find out what materials are used to make the recliner. We have listed recliners that are made of top quality leather, fabric, etc. Take a look at the backrest and footrest. Does it have an extra padded cushion? 

There is no scale to measure comfort. It depends on individuals. So, we suggest you check every recliner to figure out the most comfortable one.

Perfect Size

We often forget to give importance to the size of the chair. If you look at the product specification, you will find every chair’s seat height, seat dimension, weight handling capacity. Select the chair that fits your body type. Otherwise, you will have to take the hassle of returning it. Nothing can be more annoying than that. 

Special needs

While buying a recliner you should take some special features into consideration that are often needed for elderly people. Best recliners for seniors cannot be imaginable without heating and massaging facilities. Seniors people often suffer from back or neck pain. Heat therapy has proven very useful to reduce pain. Proper heat therapy increased our blood and boosts blood circulation. Thus helps reduces pain. 

Massaging functionality works best to release stress. Not only old people but also young people who work for a longer period in the office can be benefited from it. 

Considering More Features

Imagine you are lying in your recliner watching TV and your smartphone is about to die. Would you want to get out of the chair to grab your charger? How convenient it would be if you had a USB charger port right at the armrest of your chair? 

USB charging ports, cup holders, side pockets are some minor features that most people usually ignore. But you should not. Do yourself a favor and buy power recliners that do have these extra features. You will thank us later. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does insurance pay for lift recliners?

Yes, sometimes lift chair is covered by Medicare part B if your doctor considers that it might be helpful to treat your mobility issue. It is considered as Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Medicare does not cover the whole chair generally. You have to pay 20% money as they only cover the motorized devices, not the leather, cushions or other accessories, even though they are built in. When you are planning to buy a lift chair, you will buy it yourself, then you will claim a reimbursement for the chair. The range of reimbursement is typically in between $280-$300 that varies from state to state. There are some conditions required to qualify for a lift chair coverage. They are:

  1. You mustn’t able to get up from a chair because of mobility, or arthritis.
  2. You didn’t receive any other coverage for assistance like a nurse, wheelchair, or other motorized device.
  3. You can operate the chair by yourself.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to fulfill all the conditions. Just consider that if it is medically necessary or not.

2. How do I choose a lift chair?

Before buying a power lift chair, you should think about some facts. First of all, you should look into the features and functions. Are they two-position or three-position recliner? Generally, three-position recliners are more convenient than two-position recliners. Do they provide heating and massaging facilities because these features are really very helpful for elderly to reduce their back, knee or neck pain and relax stiffed muscles. Secondly, you want to check the durability and maintenance. For example, leather recliners are more durable than the fabric one and easy to maintain. Then you should check the size and weight capacity. Finally, you want to buy a recliner that fits in your budget with all the features you need.

3. How much does a power lift chair cost?

The price actually depends on the features and functionalities. Usually, the price range of a good power lift recliner/chair is in between $400 to $800.

4. Are lift chairs good for elderly?

Yes, power lift recliners/chairs are designed to help the elderly person or people with mobility. It helps getting up and sitting on the chair safely and independently with a power button or a remote control so they don’t need to give pressure on their knees or back. The additional features like massaging and heating help to reduce back and neck pain as elderly people suffer from different types of body aches. So if you have a senior person in your home, you should consider buying a power lift recliner that can ease your and his/her life.

Wrapping It Up

We are sure you have loved this article because you have reached the end of it. By now, you are informed almost every little detail there is to know about best recliners for senior’s. Still, if we have something to know, don’t forget to comment.

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